Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a fact to give

Perfect. Yes nobody's perfect, and yes we always tell ourselves how it's stupid to find something or someone perfect but sometimes we are just unaware to be aiming or wishing for perfection. I admit, yes, sometimes I'd like to remind myself to snap back to reality. Though one thing you can't stop me is dreaming. Cliche as it may sound, Dreaming could take you places, could give you hope, and something that'll drive us.

Looking back I've always wanted something perfect in my life, well, close to perfect at least. But then as predictable, it's so imposible to find something like it. Everything has flaws. So I hoped for "Perfect Timing" which failed UUUGHgain. And then came realizations.

I started out with baby steps, first is about timing. I tried to not plan things and make them go smoothly. Although it's CRAZY not to plan things, I meant other things such as LOVE, GREAT NIGHT OUTS AND OPPORTUNITIES. See, the thing about me is that I think too much, let me rephrase that, I constantly think too much. And you know, sometimes you just have to stop, watch the world, appreciate, and feel good. You have to remind yourself how far you've gone to be where you are right now.

I've learned to embrace spontaneity. How one unplanned night could turn out to be the most unforgettable night ever.  How one thing you hate or the last thing you see yourself doing is the thing you would also be wanting to do at the end. How the person you hate could turn out to be the person you really love.

I've always wondered, if life is full of surprises, probably the surprises are the opportunties, bright lights and luxury but I guess I was wrong, Surprises are everywhere and anytime. Its those unexpected people you meet and have a great impact to. The nights that would reward you happy memories. And so it isn't perfect but it's always worth it, worth the experience, worth the cry, worth the laugh, worth the fall. And goes down to one thing: Appreciate the little things in life.

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