Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm craving coachella

OMG. So I've recently checked out some of the videos from last last year and this year's coachella festival and I'm effin JEALOUS. I've got to EFFIN GO TO COACHELLA SOON! I'm so not kidding! I'll do whatever it takes. They always had the nicest lineup that rocked! effin lupe fiasco, Placebo, sonic youth, gorillaz, phoenix, vampire weekend, Muse, arctic monkeys, MGMT, RATM, daft punk, the strokes, metric!!!! I freakin missed a lot! I'm most definitely adding this to my bucket list. 

So anyway, I also tried to think about the perfect party theme for my bday this september, and guess what! I was thinking... of making coachella my party theme! and started to have a lot of sick ideas on what to wear and how to design the place, the flow of the party, the playlist and all it's going to be freakin' awesome I tell you! 

P.S. I'm going to ban justin bieber, chris brown, rihanna and all those mainstream songs from my party playlist. 

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