Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bite me

Faith, trust & pixie mag
This is why I didn't get any sleep yesterday and last night (if that made any sense). This is my PRELIM PLATE for PEM and I just had to do it all with all the LOVE I could give, since it's what I've always wanted or I guess see myself doing after 10 years or after college, who knows. I always wanted something different and REAL and not superficial unlike the other magazines nowadays. I'd like normal people, geek fashion, indie music, street music, mixtapes, crazy insane quotations, effortless, carefree personality to be seen on magazines than all the vanity and pretty face and skinny bitches all these crappy magazines could offer us (no offense), but I'm not a hater, I admit I do read them during worst scenarios, but after all, we can't win'em all don't we? it's just my opinion and I bet you're too strong to be affected by my opinion instead think of this in a positive way, like an enhancement or idea for your next issue I guess? haha. But there is one exception, I do LOVE and yes I got INSPIRED with NYLON magazine. It's the best magazine ever. I can't lie! We all just want something real for chrissake. There's more to life than having to figure yourself out all the time. Like pouring your heart on Arctic Monkey's fluorescent adolescent song or just wearing anything under the sun and trust your OWN instinct just like Alexa Chung, or say anything you want to say or act like a fool just like Kanye West, just like what he said "Aint nothing new now" which is true, we all act like fools most of the time, ADMIT IT!! haha. Just have fun. And that's what my magazine's all about. DON'T CARE AT ALL. BE CARELESS, CARE FREE, LIKE YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK.

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